New Car!

April 30, 2015 Posted by admin

As you know me and the wife went on a trip last September for 6 months to see Europe! And let me tell you, deciding upon the best car for a trip like that is not an easy task. Especially when my wife’s one half of the conversation. Any way we got rid of the Lexus GS to help with a bit of extra spending money and leased a bigger car instead. However that lease is now coming to an end and we are looking at getting a new car.

When I say new car, I’m not excluding second hand ones! Just pointing out that it will be new for us. I do want a practical car but I don’t want it to be too big. After driving one around Europe for 6 months I’ve realised I’m not a huge fan of huge cars. I was thinking something like the second hand Mercedes Benz GLA Class, though there is something about it I am not so sure about, it looks a bit cartoony or something, but I do love the interior.

The five seat Hyundai Santa Fe was another one that caught my eye. Though it is a bit bigger it has racked up some pretty decent reviews and it is a fair bit cheaper than the Merc, especially if you get a second hand Hyundai Santa Fe.

Basically I don’t want a saloon or a hatchback. A 4×4/crossover would suit me to a t, even an estate! They are looking a lot better these days. The Volvo V60 for example, I remember back in the day Volvo estates were some of the most hideous vehicles on the planet, looking like they were modeled on a cardboard box. The Volvo V60 is kind of a crossover estate, a bit more rounded than the older ones, however as it is a relatively new car, even the second hand Volvo V60 options are pretty expensive.

Best Car for the Job

Best Car for us: Volvo V60

In the End we decided the Volvo V60 would be the best car for the job! We got a pretty good deal! It isn’t too big but it is very practical. It will also be perfect should we decide to go on another adventure.


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