Brand new Audi Q3 or a used car? That’s the question

January 5, 2018 Posted by admin

If you’re reading this, or considering a lease deal you are likely aware of the benefits of leasing a car. But allow us to refresh your memory. First of all you are getting a brand new car! That you actually! Fancy yourself in a new Audi Q3? Go Ahead! (more…)

New Car!

April 30, 2015 Posted by admin

As you know me and the wife went on a trip last September for 6 months to see Europe! And let me tell you, deciding upon the best car for a trip like that is not an easy task. Especially when my wife’s one half of the conversation. Any way we got rid of the Lexus GS to help with a bit of extra spending money and leased a bigger car instead. However that lease is now coming to an end and we are looking at getting a new car. (more…)

Back Again

April 29, 2015 Posted by admin

Its been a while, after a busy year for Garten Rothkopf of marriage and European Road Trips I am back. Since getting home I have been selling many cars, which is obviously great news, but now I feel like a rest so I have reduced the amount of stock coming in and am going to put my feet up for a bit (more…)

Daughters First Car

August 27, 2014 Posted by admin

My daughter is fast approaching her 17th birthday and she has passed her driving test! It now seems to be my task to buy my daughter’s first car. I’ve looked at a few of the (more…)

European Road Trip

July 9, 2014 Posted by admin

Morning all, just a quick one! The fiancée and I are off on a European Road Trip for our honeymoon come September! We were wondering if any of our followers had done anything similar? And if so how did they go about getting a vehicle for it? (more…)

Mercedes Benz CLS Review: The Rivals

July 9, 2014 Posted by admin

Hello and welcome to this exclusive look at the Mercedes Benz CLS’s rivals. The Mercedes Benz CLS has always found itself among stiff competition including the (more…)

German Cars

July 9, 2014 Posted by admin

When it comes to cars us Germans seem to have really got the knack! Many roads are awash with German cars: Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis and Beamers. It’s not because they are cheap, but because they have got such excellent reputations and are highly sort after. Here are some of our favourites. (more…)

Ford EcoSport goes European

February 25, 2013 Posted by admin

Ford have announced that the Ford EcoSport SUV is going to break Europe, and the (more…)

Defective cars on the rise

February 25, 2013 Posted by admin

Random checks across Hull and East Yorkshire have revealed that defective cars are all too common on British roads. (more…)