European Road Trip

July 9, 2014 Posted by admin

Morning all, just a quick one! The fiancée and I are off on a European Road Trip for our honeymoon come September! We were wondering if any of our followers had done anything similar? And if so how did they go about getting a vehicle for it?

European Road Trip

We are planning on doing 6 months in total! 4 months of the 6 with another couple so we’ll need a larger car. We will also need to carry tents as well. We have considered taking the Lexus GS but are thinking it might be a bit pushed for space especially if we have a problem with the tents/weather and need to sleep in the car, not to mention if we fancy picking up the odd hitch hiker or two.

Catherine’s mother has a contract hire Renault Grand Scenic which is the kind of thing we are after, plenty of space, comfortable and practical with folding seats etcetera. But two rows of seats should suffice. We were wondering if anybody knows of a cheap way of having a vehicle for just six months? Rentals are looking pretty steep. Furthermore we aren’t too keen on the idea of taking a cheap second hand car. The agro of selling it back to a garage at the end of a trip doesn’t seem worth it. We have read a lot of stories of people having the last few weeks of their holiday ruined because they were busy/worrying about selling the car.

Here it wouldnt be so bad because of sites like CarDealerLocator or WeBuyAnyCar where you can just find a list of dealers who will buy cars off you but god knows if they will have something like that in the country we end up, and even if they did, the language barrier will be a tricky one to navigate online.

European Road Trip: Leasing

A friend told us that leasing could be a good Idea so we have been looking at a few different contract leasing deals which last for 6 months so we looked into Volvo XC60 Leasing and second hand Volkswagen Touareg leasing but we couldn’t find any that only lasted for 6 months. Are 6 month lease contracts common with cars or am I wasting my time? Maybe he just meant rental rather than leasing.

On the other hand we will be needing a larger car sooner or later anyway, so we have considered selling the Lexus as a second hand Lexus GS and starting a 3 year contract Volkswagen Touareg leasing, and using it for our European road trip anyway. But before we committed to anything we thought we would try and get some advice from here.

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