Defective cars on the rise

February 25, 2013 Posted by admin

Random checks across Hull and East Yorkshire have revealed that defective cars are all too common on British roads.

defective cars

It is no secret that many people are having their pockets stung by the current economic climate, and now it seems many are neglecting necessary maintenance on their cars in order to save a few quid. PC Keith Ward had this to say:

“We are finding, due to austerity, people are scrimping on things and we are seeing more vehicles with defects”. This is a result of people cutting back on regular maintenance work to avoid servicing costs, with people often holding out till there MoT to get things done.

Defective Cars: Tyres and Lights

Apparently the biggest offenders are car tyres and lights. This isn’t exactly surprising. I must admit my used Punto probably could have done with a few more trips to the garage. Drivers who are caught with defected cars are given vehicle defect form. This gives the owner 2 weeks to get the car repaired or else they will face a fine. This sounds like a move in the right direction but will it be enough to change peoples attitudes?

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