Daughters First Car

August 27, 2014 Posted by admin

My daughter is fast approaching her 17th birthday and she has passed her driving test! It now seems to be my task to buy my daughter’s first car. I’ve looked at a few of the more obvious cars like the Fiat 500 but I’m thinking they might be a little on the expensive side for a first car.

Don’t get me wrong! I do want her to have a nice one but my eldest wasn’t exactly a saint in her first car! To say it had a few scrapes would be an understatement. I had a look over her shoulder whilst she was online yesterday and she was looking at used Audi TTs. So I then did some research myself. I’m thinking it might not be the best choice for a first car as it is more performance oriented, not to mention they can also be pretty expensive.

I also happen to know she is pretty fond of an Audi A3 that belongs to our neighbour but I doubt she would expect a car of that calibre for her first, but I’m thinking something of similar size might do the trick. She’s been practicing in my wife’s second hand Chevrolet Spark. She seems happy enough in that but again they lean a little on the expensive side at £3000- £4000.

Daughter's first car

Daughter’s first car – Citroen C3

So far my favourite is an Orange Citroen C3 I came across on gumtree for around the £1000 mark, let’s just hope Kelly likes it and didn’t have her heart set on the Audi TT.

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