Welcome to Garten Rothkopf’s website, where blogging about cars comes first! I am reserving the homepage for my friend Craig, partly as he has the worst luck ever when it comes to driving, and thought he could do with your sympathy. But mainly because I like taking the micky!

He has recently purchased himself a second hand Audi A1 which was already outside of his budget, but he thought the extra money was worth it for the car he was getting. Less than a week after buying his Audi A1 he was running late for a meeting at work, and in his haste drove a little recklessly.


He steamed into the car park and smashed straight into his boss’s car, now they didn’t have the best relationship as it was, but the fact that he’d smashed up the bonnet of her newly bought BMW 1-Series has really put the cherry on top.

Luckily there wasn’t much damage on his beloved Audi, nevertheless he took it to the garage to get it checked out. Unfortunately he hadn’t quite got to grips with the handbrake, and as he was in the garage asking where he should leave his car, a panicked look spread across the receptionist’s face, whose eyes fixed on the Audi, as it began rolling down the hill. Not long after the car was out of site they heard a crash.

Fortunately no one was hurt, but as was Craig’s luck, his Audi managed to roll into a Ferrari F355, possibly the most expensive car to ever drive up the road he was on. It was a second hand Ferrari F355 but a Ferrari nevertheless.